Left Right & Centre @ Frank Ryans Bar 24/03/2011

Again work got in the way, so there is no recording of the Paddy’s Day gig.
Great gig and the sound was particularly good this Thursday. It’s a pity that Trevor couldn’t make it – the tinkle of the ivories would have been in with Bring It On Home. (Hope the back’s better Trev.)

NB: To download these songs, right-click on the song title and choose “Save as…”, “Save link as…” or “Save target as…”. On Mac you will need to use Option + Click and choose “Save as…”. You can download the lot in one go (as a ZIP file) below.

I Ain't Superstitious.mp39.7 MB
Somebody's Acting Like a Child.mp39.4 MB
If You Believe (In What You Do).mp311.0 MB
Treat Him Right.mp39.3 MB
Queen Bee.mp36.7 MB
Like A Road.mp38.8 MB
Baby Please Don't Go.mp310.5 MB
Crossroads.mp38.7 MB
Found Love.mp37.6 MB
Built For Comfort.mp37.7 MB
You Gotta Help Me.mp37.9 MB
Gotta Serve Somebody.mp313.7 MB
Dublin Vice (Theme Song To Something Interesting).mp313.3 MB
Close To You.mp310.1 MB
Standing at The Crossroads Again.mp37.5 MB
Honest I Do.mp37.2 MB
Nadine.mp36.7 MB
Bring It On Home.mp311.9 MB
The Seventh Son.mp36.5 MB

Download the lot as a ZIP file: