Left Right & Centre @ Frank Ryans Bar 24/02/2011

The return of the four-piece…

With Trevor’s return from New York, we’re back to the four piece. Sixteen of the best this week.

NB: To download these songs, right-click on the song title and choose “Save as…”, “Save link as…” or “Save target as…”. On Mac you will need to use Option + Click and choose “Save as…”. You can download the lot in one go (as a ZIP file) below.

Talk To Your Daughter.mp310.4 MB
You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover.mp310.1 MB
Crossroads.mp38.9 MB
Sunshine Of Your Love.mp312.1 MB
Let's Work Together.mp39.3 MB
Found Love.mp37.7 MB
Evil.mp38.3 MB
Reconsider Baby.mp37.8 MB
Money (That's What I Want).mp36.9 MB
Dublin Vice (Theme Song To Something Interesting).mp319.0 MB
(You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further.mp39.6 MB
Wooly Bully.mp38.7 MB
Meet Me In The Morning.mp312.5 MB
Green Onions.mp39.5 MB
Mystery Train.mp312.2 MB
Silly Quarrel.mp39.4 MB

Download the lot as a ZIP file: