WTF is up with the updates?

Lot of shit going on lately, so updates suffered I’m afraid… There is a backlog of recordings, including Pat Farrell and The Business (next up), some more Left, Right & Centre gigs and Pete Cummins and Ger Kiely (of the Fleadh Cowboys) Off The Reservation in Frank Ryans.

So bear with me, this week should see some catch up (yeah right!). Well we live in hope!

02/08/2011 Update:

Four gigs published after a long weekend… how’z dem apples?

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The customisations support 2 sizes of post thumbnails, one for the feature article at the top, and another for each of the “Last Four Releases” articles.

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Free Music

For the past while I have been recording a blues band – Left, Right & Centre in my local, Frank Ryans Bar. With the generous permission of the lads the tracks were published weekly on the Frank Ryans website.

Unfortunately Left, Right & Centre finished their residency in May 2011, so I needed a new home for the mp3 files and here it is – at least until I sort out something more permanent (if ever!).

The only processing done is to chop up the recording into individual tracks, add a fade in/out and normalise the sound level. What you hear is what you’ll get every live every Thursday – warts, drunken punters ‘n’ all!

All tracks are published here with the kind permission of the artists – please respect their copyright. You are free to download them, add them to your music collection and generally spread them around (copy, burn, torrent, whatever) for personal non-commercial use. They are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

If you want them for any other use, just ask. You can use the comment form below to contact me.

Fran Crossen