Left Right & Centre with Frank Meade

So Ed mentions casually that a friend sof his is dropping in and that he’s a great sax and harmonica player. Of course it being Ed’s usual understated style, we didn’t expect the treat we were in store for.

Frank Meade squeezed himself in the middle of the  stage and we had a Guinness record for the smallest area you could shoehorn a five price band into.

Thanks Frank, and drop in any time (please)! Continue reading Left Right & Centre with Frank Meade

WTF is up with the updates?

Lot of shit going on lately, so updates suffered I’m afraid… There is a backlog of recordings, including Pat Farrell and The Business (next up), some more Left, Right & Centre gigs and Pete Cummins and Ger Kiely (of the Fleadh Cowboys) Off The Reservation in Frank Ryans.

So bear with me, this week should see some catch up (yeah right!). Well we live in hope!

02/08/2011 Update:

Four gigs published after a long weekend… how’z dem apples?

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